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A Professional Development Podcast

Giving Grace Matters

Listen to this 5-part podcast series

As part of a graduate research study at Arizona State University, you are invited to participate in a professional development program designed as a mobile, micro-learning experience about grace-based leadership.  The experience includes a brief kick-off survey, listening to five short episodes of a podcast, and completing a final survey.   Most participants will complete this learning series over the course of 1-3 days and the total time required is about 75 minutes.


Using Grace to Grow

"When I took the time to create a space for grace in my interactions, we super-charged our work together."

Giving Grace to Others

"Business education must change and embrace a method that teaches students how to be innovative, competitive and respectful of human dignity."

Recognizing Opportunities

"I put unsustainable  expectations on myself until I realized that I performed better when I took time to give myself a break."

What is grace-based leadership?

Grace-based leadership is seen in a variety of ways in the workplace, and yet, its power can be underestimated in improving relationships, performance and outcomes.  In a world where work is increasingly becoming more digital and machine-based, the skill of understanding humans and how to collaborate, support, and nurture relationships is even more important.  A grace-based approach that holistically considers the needs of others can be a game changer.  Based on our research, we think about grace presenting at work in the four key areas listed below.  In our podcast, we'll share stories and practical ways to approach your leadership with grace and ask you in our surveys about how that works out for you.  

Authentic kindness

Compassion to self and others

Respect for human dignity


We are interested in how people actually learn from listening to a podcast and what actions are possible as a result.

We also believe that modern leadership calls for greater humanity and an awareness for giving grace in how we manage others and ourselves.

Interview Guests

This podcast includes interviews with these dynamic leaders who share stories of their own discoveries with a grace-based approach to leadership.

KiranGaudioso_2022 Headshot_resized.png

Kiran Handa Gaudioso

CEO, United Way of Northern New Jersey


Charles Humbard

CEO and President,
UP Entertainment


David Holquin

President, De La Salle High School

Saccaro headshot.jpeg

Jane Saccaro

Executive Coach and Speaker; Former CEO, Kesem National


Eyee Hsu

Strategic Communications Advisor; Former Television News Anchor and Producer


Chris Donnelly

Investor and Advisor, TopFlight Ventures; Former SVP, Oakley and Director, Nike

Thank you

Your participation is helping us to contribute to the best in class research available for better learning and leadership.
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